About Us

Bringing the P & G professional range to your business and your customers

Galgorm Wholesale is the wholesale trading and sales division of Galgorm Group – one of Ireland’s largest suppliers of products and equipment to the hospitality, healthcare, education and industrial market sectors. Galgorm Group is the umbrella organisation for the triumvirate of : McKenna Catering, Galgorm Hygiene and Galgorm Wholesale.

McKenna Catering and Galgorm Hygiene each have over 40 years experience serving an extensive and varied customer base throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe, in the supply of kitchenware, disposables, paper products, cleaning chemicals furniture and equipment.

Whilst Galgorm Group has its own loyal and ever expanding customer base we recognise that there are a whole range of businesses who for reasons of preference, or logistics prefer to purchase supplies for their business from a retail facility whilst maintaining the cost savings and expert knowledge that can be achieved by dealing with a commercial supplier. To achieve this outcome for these particular customers Galgorm Wholesale has been selected and entrusted by P & G to work with your business as the Master Distributor for its Professional range for the whole of Ireland.

We are entirely dedicated  to maximising the penetration of the P&G product range of laundry, housekeeping and hygiene products. We work exclusively through distributors were we provide a field sales solution. Our specially trained independent sales force are committed to enhancing the brand presence of P&G Professional and increasing sales volumes for you and for P&G Nationwide.

This specialist wholesale team will work with you and your customers to add value and expertise to their purchasing experience. By working in close contact with you and your customers we can offer pricing incentives, and marketing initiatives built around a quality stable of P & G products to ensure both your customer’s loyalty and satisfaction with you, and all important growth to your own bottom line.

Galgorm Wholesale – Committed to the development of customer loyalty and financial growth through a working partnership and premium products.