P&G Professional offer a wide range of laundry solutions to cater for your every need. Each of our great products comes in several different formats to ensure you have ultimate flexibility during use.


Great for users who do a large volume of laundry and to minimise the cost in sue of the product, the flexibility of dosing is perfect for those who have varying levels of dirt removal and/or particularly hard or soft water.

Dosing scoops and dosing balls are available from Galgorm Wholesale free of charge to ensure you always use the correct amount of powder in each wash.



Liquids offer a fantastic alternative to powders with the same benefits. Additionally they dissolve particularly quickly and are great for pre-treating directly onto strains, especially useful for greasy stains and those most difficult to remove.




No mess, no fuss, no hassle. Simply unwrap a pair of tablets and pop them into the drawer. Contact dosing reduces the need to rewash and ensures that each wash is not overdose, therefore preventing wastage.



Wash your clothes with no fuss and certainly no dosing or measuring. This will ensure you get a constant cost in use and significantly reduces mess.